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Restaurants, Pubs or Hotels

Have you been the victim of a slip, trip or fall accident, which was not your fault?

Most people visit a restaurant, pub or hotel, at least once a week. These are places of leisure, where we look to relax, however if the property or site is not properly maintained, they can be fraught with danger, with a large potential for serious injury. The restaurant, pub or hotel, is obliged to take “reasonable” steps to ensure your safety, however the scope for injury is not always correctly addressed. The establishment is responsible for maintaining safe surfaces; clear walkways, as well as paying attention to surfaces in the car parks, and considering visitors such as delivery drivers as well as customers. Consequently, should you get injured as a result of a slip, trip or fall on the premises, you have good reason to seek compensation, and Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers can help.

Proven Expertise in Slip, Trip or Fall Accident Compensation

We help people just like you who have been involved in a slip or trip accident in a pub, restaurant or hotel to receive the maximum compensation they are entitled to, and remember, No Win, No Fee means you have nothing to pay should your claim not be successful. You can also use our online Claim Calculator to find out how much your claim is worth.

Yorkshire Injury Lawyers can help you with your Slip, Trip or Fall Accident Compensation Claim

With offices throughout Yorkshire we're the name you can trust that's close to home and our skilled, experienced team will support you every step of the way. If you have any questions about your claim, Yorkshire's Injury Lawyers are here to help. You can call us on 0800 0197 772 for free impartial advice as well as clicking on our FAQ button for some initial information.

So, if you feel you have a case for slip, trip or fall accident compensation claim then contact Yorkshire's Injury Lawyers today. If you don't make the call, you won't win the claim.

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