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Yorkshire's Injury Lawyers Recover Compensation for Client within 5 months of Being Instructed

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers were recently approached by a client with only 28 days to go to the 3 year limitation to issue court proceedings. This is a frequently asked question at Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers but one we are always happy to help with. Through our quick, straight forward handling of the case we managed to secure compensation of £6,500 for the client’s knee injury.

Back in 2007, the client was involved in an accident at work and suffered a blow to his knee. Having been knocked to the floor the 55 year old was unable to straighten his leg but subsequently returned to finish his shift. Unable to take time off work the victim noticed bruising and swelling, particularly for the first five to six weeks post-accident. Six months elapsed and the claimants symptoms still persisted resulting in a visit to the local GPs surgery.

Initially the client did not associate knee problems with the accident at work until being asked at the hospital whether or not he had at any time suffered a direct blow to the knee. It was only at this stage, 2 years 11 months, post accident that he decided to approach Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers about how to make a claim.

Upon examination by a medical expert for the claim, the client was aware of an inability to fully straighten his right knee. He had a dull aching sensation at the back of the knee which came on after standing for more than an hour. He could not ascend or descend stairs more than one step at a time, going downstairs was yet more difficult. He experienced discomfort at night and a feeling of swelling in the knee as well as being aware of that at times the knee was going to give way. Although able to continue working he did so with some discomfort. 

In the opinion of Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers and Counsel, the client might reasonably have hoped to recover in the order of £5,000 – £6,500 by way of general damages for his pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

With the help of Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers the client recovered the maximum valuation of £6,500 with the client receiving the damages within 5 months of first contacting Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers using our No Win, No Fee guarantee.

If you’ve had an accident at work that wasn’t your fault then Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers could help start your claim for knee injuries or any other incident that has resulted in pain or discomfort.

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