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Yorkshire's Injury Lawyers Act for Elderly Lady in Tripping Claim and Secure £3,700 in Compensation

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers were contacted by an elderly client in her late 70’s regarding a fall outside her council flat. An assessment by us suggested the raised paving slab that she had tripped over was a borderline case in terms of whether or not liability would be established against the relevant Council.

Initially liability was denied by the Council who suggested both that the defect was not deep enough for them to be liable and that they had an adequate system of inspection in place.

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers were not satisfied with the Council’s response and after taking the client’s instructions a Part36 offer to settle was made by the Claimant (Part 36 merely deals with the section of the court rules dealing with offers to settle). This offer was also rejected by the Council.

Following the issue of county court proceedings by Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers the Council changed their decision on the case and admitted liability. Following which there was an exchange of offers between the parties before the Claimant accepted a Part36 for £3,700 which was still more than £500 above the minimum valuation placed upon the Claimant’s wrist injury by Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers

Whilst the claim took longer to settle than a straight forward claim (this claim took 14 months to settle) the case demonstrates Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers determination to secure the maximum compensation the clients are entitled to, in cases where other solicitors may have chosen to abandon the claim.

This case is a great example of how Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers can help people injured in a trip or fall that wasn’t their fault.

Many of our client’s initially want to know How to Make a Claim and “how much is my injury claim worth?” and that’s why Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers have produced an helpful online Claim Calculator which can give you guidance on many of the injuries we help people receive compensation for.

So, if you have had a road traffic accident, bump, slip, trip or injury at work call Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers on 0800 019 7772.

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"Thank for all that you did in dealing with my claim, I am truly grateful. You did something lovely and it really meant a lot.  Many thanks to you and your company."

Mrs K from Bradford

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