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Yorkshire Injury Lawyers Recover Compensation Within 5 months of Instruction

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers recently secured £4,500 compensation for a client who had slipped and fallen on a wet floor at their place of work.

Initially, the client was signed up to Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers’ No Win No Fee agreement and a letter of claim was sent to the employer in July 2011. In August 2011 the insurers admitted liability to compensate the client.

In November 2011, medical evidence was obtained regarding the client’s fractured ankle. The client suffered an uncomplicated fracture of the ankle with no risk of arthritis developing. This resulted in an exchange of offers before the client received maximum compensation of £4,500 for their injuries within 5 months of instructing Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers. 

This case is a great example of how Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers can help people injured via a slip, trip or fall that wasn’t their fault.

Many of our client’s initially want to know How to Make a Claim and “how much is my injury claim worth?” and that’s why Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers have produced an helpful on-line Claim Calculator which can give you guidance on many of the injuries we help people receive compensation for.

So, if you have had a road traffic accident, bump, slip, trip or injury at work call Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers on 0800 019 7772.

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"Thank you and your team for all your work and professionalism in dealing with my claim, very much appreciated particularly as the final payment was greater than I expected"

Miss B from Goole

0800 0197 772