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Work Related Illness - The Basic Facts

Employees have a right to expect their employers to protect their health and safety while they are in the process of carrying out their duties. The consequences of inadequate protection can be serious resulting in a number of industrial illnesses.

While respiratory disease in miners is well publicised, there are many, many more types of work-related illness that are equally as debilitating.

From asbestosis to vibration white finger, occupational asthma to industrial deafness and dermatitis, if you're suffering from an illness that is related to your working conditions, contact Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers about a possible industrial illness claim.

 If we can prove a connection between your working environment and your medical condition, and that your employer failed to protect you, we will pursue an industrial disease claim on your behalf.  We will guide through the process while we gather evidence.

Under English law, in most cases a claimant must make an industrial disease claim within three years from the date that they first realise or suspect that their illness is a result of their employment, or three years from the onset of their symptoms.  It is very important to act quickly if you suspect that you may be suffering from an industrial disease.

However, this doesn't mean that an illness triggered several years ago cannot be claimed for now. Historically many employers failed to provide protection for their workforce and the consequences of that negligence may not be noticed for years afterwards.  Our expert team will assess your claim and you may still be able to make a claim even if your former employer has closed down.  

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