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Woman Awarded £25,000 After a Trip in a Hotel

At the beginning of December 2015, Mrs E went with her husband and friends to a local hotel to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

In the early evening, as she left her room to join her friends in the restaurant, she lost her balance and fell when she failed to notice a step outside the bedroom.

She hit her head on a table, suffered bruising to her leg and was in a great deal of pain. 

She was taken to the local hospital.

When she complained to the hotel they offered her an apology and a voucher for £25.

Believing this to be unacceptable, she contacted Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers.

We obtained photographs of the step, and it was clear that as a result of a lack of lighting and any form of warning tape on the step, the hotel was in breach of duty.

We put forward a claim on her behalf and almost immediately the client’s husband contacted us to say she had been rushed into hospital and tests had revealed a major injury to her hip which required a replacement.

The hotel instructed insurers and they admitted liability for the accident.

There then followed many months of the negotiation, at the culmination of which, the hotel was persuaded to pay the client £25,000 by way of compensation.

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