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Victim Of Tripping Accident Successfully Sues Council Receiving £6,400

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers were approached by a lady in the South Yorkshire area following her tripping and falling as a result of a defect in the road surface on a pedestrian (pelican) crossing.

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers entered into a no win no fee agreement with the client, following an inspection and photographing of the defective road surface the same day the client contacted Yorkshire Injury Lawyers. Having preserved evidence of the defective road surface a letter of claim was sent to the Council.

Liability was Denied by the Council.  

Following Yorkshire Injury Lawyers securing medical evidence regarding the client’s shoulder injury (which was expected to resolve with 12 months and mild anxiety symptoms which were expected to settle within 18 months), Yorkshire Injury Lawyers sued on the client’s behalf in the county court. 

The Council again filed a Defence denying liability. However following the Claimant making an offer to settle her case, the Council then agreed to pay compensation to the client of £6,400. 

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"Thank for all that you did in dealing with my claim, I am truly grateful. You did something lovely and it really meant a lot.  Many thanks to you and your company."

Mrs K from Bradford

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