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School boy awarded £4,000 for slipping on untreated surface

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers  acted for a  12 year old boy who was going to school one winters day in atrocious weather conditions.

It had been below freezing for the past week and over night it had frozen again and then it had snowed in the early hours of the morning.

Our client was one of the first pupils to reach the school and nothing had been done to clear a path or sand the pathway.   No teacher was on duty nor was there any warning sign and as our client walked carefully along the path he lost his balance because of the icy conditions and fell breaking a bone in his wrist where he put out his hand to break the fall.

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers were instructed to pursue the claim.  Initially the insurers denied liability and said that there was nothing that they could have done have done because of the inclement weather and it was just one of those accidents that happens and was nobody’s fault.

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers argued forcefully that the school would have been aware of the weather by checking the weather forecast and they should have made sure that a caretaker or some similar person was at the school before the pupils arrived to ensure the path was cleared and sanded and that there should have been a warning sign and a teacher present to ensure that the pupils walked carefully along the path.

The school maintained its stance and after medical evidence was obtained legal proceedings were issued against the local authority who were responsible for the school.

Solicitors were instructed on behalf of the Council who having considered the facts contacted Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers and after some fairly forceful negotiation they accepted responsibility and paid the sum of £4,000.00 to compensate our client for his pain and suffering.

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"Thank you and your team for all your work and professionalism in dealing with my claim, very much appreciated particularly as the final payment was greater than I expected"

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