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Industrial Deafness Team Secure Damages of £5,000 for Hearing Loss Client

Our industrial deafness specialist acted on behalf of a client who suffered hearing loss due to exposure to excessive noise during her working life.

Our client worked for 6 years as a Armature Winder.  She used a Winding Machine to produce components for jet engines.  The noise levels were so loud she had to lip read and use hand signals to communicate with other employees.

Throughout this employment, she was never given any hearing protection or training on the effects of excessive noise exposure. She never completed any health and safety questionnaires or underwent any hearing tests.

She began to notice hearing loss couple of years ago when she noticed that she had to ask people to repeat what they’d said.  In particular, she began to struggle to have conversations in busy places as she finds it difficult to hear over background noise.

Initially our client thought her symptoms were simply caused by age but experts diagnosed hearing loss due to past exposure to noise at work.

Our experienced industrial deafness team secured damages of £5,000 in respect of her hearing loss and tinnitus.

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"Cheque received in post today. Thank you, it's been a pleasure dealing with you. Will recommend you to others."

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