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Cyclist awarded £7,250.00 following accident abroad

In October 2014 Mr S was on a cycling holiday in Jordan arranged by an English company that specialised in this type of holiday.

As he was cycling downhill his bike hit a pothole and the handlebars twisted round.  As a result he could not brake, so he jumped off the bike to avoid going down a steep ravine.

As a result he sustained an injury and he went to see a local firm of solicitors who brought a claim on his behalf against the travel company.

The travel company denied liability, arguing that he was travelling too fast for the road conditions and that hitting potholes or bumps over rough terrain at this speed would have loosened the handlebars, and thus they were not prepared to offer any compensation.

Mr S then transferred to Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers, where we reviewed the case and took evidence from three other cyclists who were with him at the time of the accident.

They confirmed that Mr S was not travelling excessively quickly, that they had also had problems with their bicycles and that there was clearly something wrong with the handlebars for them to twist round simply because the bike went through a pothole.

The travel company eventually accepted liability for the accident and offered £3,500 after receiving medical evidence.

That offer was rejected, and eventually after further negotiations, Mr S received £7,250 in settlement of his claim.

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"Thanks for all your work dealing with my case- I have been really impressed with the professionalism and prompt way in which you have dealt with the proceedings

Thanks once again."

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