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£2,200 Compensation Secured for Car Accident in Yorkshire

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers recently secured £2,200 compensation for a client who had been involved in a road traffic accident whilst travelling as a front seat passenger. Fault for the accident was debated therefore the claim was brought against the driver of the car the client was travelling in.

This claim fell under the new Low Value Personal Injury Claims process, which was implemented on the 30th April 2010.

The claim was submitted electronically via a ‘live portal’ direct to the driver’s insurance company in October 2010. Medical evidence was secured which revealed the client to have sustained soft tissue injuries and with the help of Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers, in April 2011, a matter of 6 months from when the claim was submitted, the client recovered £2,200 in full and final settlement of her claim.

This Case is a Great Example of How Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers Can Help People Injured in a Car Accident. 

Many of our clients initially want to know How to Make a Claim and  “how much is my injury claim worth” and that’s why Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers has produced a helpful online Claim Calculator which can give you guidance on many of the injuries we help people receive compensation for.

So, if you’ve had a road traffic accident call Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyer on 0800 0197 772.

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"Thank for all that you did in dealing with my claim, I am truly grateful. You did something lovely and it really meant a lot.  Many thanks to you and your company."

Mrs K from Bradford

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