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Client receives a further sum of £6,000 by way of compensation

Mr D was a HGV driver employed by a company in Wales.

Having been asked to carry an extremely heavy load onto his vehicle he sustained an injury to his back and accordingly he was put in touch with the solicitors who normally represented members of his trade union. 

Those solicitors brought a claim against the employers who admitted liability and therefore the only issue was the amount of compensation that Mr D was to receive. 

The medical evidence indicated that Mr D would not have been able to return to work for 15 months subsequent to the accident but his employers pointed out that 6 months after the incident because of a down turn in business he would have been redundant irrespective of the accident and therefore his compensation for loss of earnings is limited to that 6 month period. 

Relying on advice from his solicitors the case settled on that basis. 

Mr D was however unhappy with the settlement and instructed Mr Carvis at this firm to review the paperwork. 

Mr Carvis immediately noticed that there was an error in the thinking behind the settlement of the claim with regard to that 6 month period.  The issue of course was not whether or not he would have been made redundant in 6 months but whether or not having been made redundant he would have been able had it not have been for the injury to obtain alternative employment. 

Mr D instructed Mr Carvis that although there had been a down turn at his employers in the amount of work that was being undertaken he would have had no difficulty with his experience and qualifications as a HGV driver to obtain alternative employment had it not have been for the injury that he sustained as a result of the accident. 

In those circumstances Mr Carvis took up the case and pursued the previous solicitors through their insurance company who after some discussion and negotiations accepted our argument and as a result of Mr D received a further sum of £6,000.00 by way of compensation for his loss of earnings.  

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