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Claimant awarded £11,000 for accident at work

The Claimant started working for the Defendant company around a month before his accident and received little training. Whilst he was working on a piece of machinery, he turned around to pick up a piece of wood from the floor and as he turned back around he was struck in the face by a piece of wood, which had been thrown out of the machine without warning.

The Claimant sustained a deep laceration to his face requiring stitches and was left with a noticeable scar.

After the Claim was submitted to the Defendant’s they failed to make a decision on liability within the allowed period. When a decision on liability was made it was denied. However without an admission of liability and after a period of negotiating the Defendant’s accepted an offer put forward by ourselves in the sum of £11,000. Client damages were settled at £11,000.

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"Thank for all that you did in dealing with my claim, I am truly grateful. You did something lovely and it really meant a lot.  Many thanks to you and your company."

Mrs K from Bradford

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