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Catastrophic Injuries claim results in £2.3 million settlement using Yorkshire's Injury Lawyers No Win No Fee service

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers acted for a client who sustained devastating injuries in a road traffic accident when aged 23.  The accident occurred when our client was travelling as a rear seat passenger in a motor vehicle driven by a driver who turned out not to be insured.  Our client did not know this at the time.  The driver lost control of his vehicle colliding into the path of an oncoming motor vehicle.  The driver was later convicted of driving without due care and attention.

Our client was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident and suffered devastating injuries including a severe traumatic brain injury which resulted in him qualifying as legally blind.  Our client was in a coma for 6 days.  He subsequently suffered problems in relation to memory, concentration, change of personality and weakness to his limbs.  He had mobility problems, he also suffered multiple fractures to her pelvis and ribs with associated pneumothorax together with damage to his liver and colon which required a laparotomy and surgical repair.  His sense of smell was also reduced. 

A claim was submitted to the Motor Insurers Bureau which pays out claims against uninsured or untraced drivers when they are found to be liable for accidents.  Initially, the Motor Insurers Bureau tried to argue that because our client was not wearing his seat belt this contributed to his injuries.  Medical and engineering evidence proved that in view of the position and direction of the impact the wearing of a seat belt made no difference to the severity of the injuries. 

Our client spent four months in hospital undergoing rehabilitation.  At the time of the accident he was healthy 23 year old living with his girlfriend.  He had previously worked as a kitchen fitter over a period of several years.  As a result of hypoxia and cerebral damage the Claimant was left with residual spastic left sided hemiparesis, producing disturbance of gait and loss of dexterity in his left hand as well as tunnel vision. 

It was agreed that our client would be unlikely to ever gain full employment although there was disagreement as to whether or not he would be able to live independently.  His life expectancy was reduced by between two and three years and there was an increased risk of epilepsy. 

Settlement   - A joint settlement meeting reached an agreed award.  The settlement which was approved by a court comprised of a lump sum payment before deduction of interim payments and CRU liabilities of £1,050,000.00 with periodical payments of £45,000.00 per annum for future case management and care for life resulting in an overall settlement of £2.3 million.  Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers are here to give you the advice and support you need in pursuing your catastrophic injury claim on a no win no fee basis

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“I was delighted to receive compensation twice the amount that I was expecting. Thank you to Yorkshire’s Injury lawyers for their  great efforts in settling my claim”

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