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£6,000 Compensation for Man who Fell off his Bike Due to Defect in Road Surface

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers successfully gained compensation for a client who was the victim of an accident whilst riding his bicycle along a road in West Yorkshire. The bike accident occurred when the cyclist skidded on some metal plates which had been placed on the road by a public utility as a temporary cover for road works. The client contacted Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers to act as his local compensation solicitors and as always we worked on a No Win No Fee basis.

Shoulder Injury Compensation Solicitors

As a result of his accident in a public place the victim sustained a broken collarbone from his fall and due to his Shoulder Injury he was off work for a number of weeks. Initially the insurers for the public utility company denied all liability for the accident but after further pressure was placed on them by Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers they eventually conceded liability subject to a small degree of contributory negligence.

After the victim and our experienced claims solicitors presented medical evidence and proof of lost wages a settlement of £6,000 was achieved for the shoulder injury caused by the fall in a Public Place. As with all cases we worked on a No Win No Fee basis and the victim received the maximum compensation they were entitled to.

If you’ve been hurt by a slip trip or fall in a public place then contact Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers for some free advice from our compensation solicitors by calling 0800 0197 772 or fill in our brief Start Your Claim form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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"Thank you and your team for all your work and professionalism in dealing with my claim, very much appreciated particularly as the final payment was greater than I expected"

Miss B from Goole

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