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£33,000.00 awarded to client slipping on a wet floor in a Pub.


Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers recently acted for a client on a no win no fee basis, who fell in the Defendants pub as a result of the floor being wet and the lighting in the area being defective.


A claim for damages was made against the pub who involved their insurers. Initially liability for the accident was disputed but after we secured the attending paramedics report liability was conceded by the Defendants insurers.


The Claimant sustained a fracture and dislocation to the hip and this required surgery to insert metalwork to secure the fracture in place. The Claimant was absent from work for 4 months. The Claimant had a manual job which meant when going back to work reduced hours had to be worked for a period of 12 months.


Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers arranged a triage assessment of the Claimant from which it became apparent that physiotherapy would assist recovery. A course of treatment was therefore undertaken.

Permanent Situation

The Claimant was left with a degree of permanent restricted movement in the hip region. Yorkshire’s Injury lawyers attempted to enter into negotiations with the Defendants insurers but they failed to respond to an offer of settlement we made on the Claimant’s behalf.

Court Proceedings

As a result of the Defendants insurers failure to respond to the Claimant’s offer within the time period prescribed in the court rules (21 days) and also failing to respond to a further reminder, county court proceedings were issued against the Defendant.

Following service of county court proceedings the Defendants entered into meaningful negotiations with us to try resolve the case.  A settlement was eventually agreed in the sum of £33,000.00 to cover the Claimant’s pain suffering and loss of amenity, as well as wage loss and care.

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"Cheque received in post today. Thank you, it's been a pleasure dealing with you. Will recommend you to others."

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