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£40,000 settlement agreed for client who suffered a severe fracture to her heel.

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers recently acted for a lady who had been invited to speak at a conference but suffered personal injury after falling from the stage.

Whilst our client was presenting her speech she stood at her allocated space in front of the lectern. The stage was quite narrow and so as she took a step back she fell from the stage.

Having attended hospital, x-rays revealed a fracture to the right calcaneus together with soft tissue injuries to her right shoulder, elbow and hip. She was placed in a below knee non-weight bearing removable plaster for around six weeks and then placed in a walker boot for a further three months. She was provided with crutches but struggled to use these due to pre-existing rheumatoid arthritis. For the first five months after the accident she also required the use of a wheelchair and required help with many daily activities. She was unable to drive for ten months and was absent from work for twelve months.

At examination two years after the accident the hindfoot was still swollen and the right calf was wasted. The area was still tender and she had limited flexion. The medical expert advised that these symptoms could be regarded as permanent and were as a result of the fracture.

The Defendant accepted that it was responsible for the operation, organisation and management of the conference and that that did include the installation of the stage. However, they argued that they had no knowledge of any specific hazard that it could be expected to warn our client of.

Having made an application to Court we were able to agree an out of Court settlement with the Defendant for damages of £40,000.

If you have been involved in a similar accident then please do not hesitate to contact Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers.

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"Thank for all that you did in dealing with my claim, I am truly grateful. You did something lovely and it really meant a lot.  Many thanks to you and your company."

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