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£35,000 settlement agreed for client after an injury at work

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers recently acted for a local man in a personal injury claim against his employer.

On the day of the accident our client was required to clean the machine that he had been using throughout his shift. He fetched the industrial vacuum but discovered that the hose had been incorrectly lodged between the frame and the body of the vacuum. As he put his right hand on the vacuum and applied some force to pull out the metal tube with his left dominant hand, it came out suddenly and caused his left hand to be projected backwards striking a metal cart.

Two months after the accident he was still suffering with swelling and pain in his hand so he arranged to see his GP. His GP referred him for physiotherapy and an MRI scan was carried out. The scan showed that he was suffering with Synovitis in his left hand which led to a diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome secondary to trauma.

He underwent numerous examinations and despite various medication, physiotherapy, cortisone injections and input from specialists he still continued to have pain in his left hand.

Having been examined by a medical expert it was advised that the symptoms would continue and there was no further treatment that could be offered.

The pain had an impact on the activities that our client could do and he now found it difficult to do any DIY and the gardening.

He was unable to continue in his previous role and lost out on any possibility of promotion which he had planned to apply for. He was moved to a job with lighter duties but with this came a lower wage. Our claim for damages therefore also included a claim for past and future loss of earnings.

The company admitted the injury had been caused by their negligence but there was also an element of contributory negligence by our client. A compromise on the issue of liability was agreed on a 70/30 split in our client’s favour.

In an attempt to reach an agreement in respect of damages out of Court, a joint settlement meeting was arranged between the parties. It was here that we were able to secure damages of £35,000 for our client.

If you have been involved in an accident at work then please do not hesitate to contact Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers.

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"Would you please accept my most sincere thanks for acting so successfully and professionally on my behalf in the above proceedings. I am very grateful to you."

Mr O from Bradford

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