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£2,500.00 for trivial scar to leg following accident at work

We were consulted by a client who whilst at work doing physical fitness training was on a run in the grounds of his employers premises, which included a wood. He was following a designated route when his leg caught on barbed wire sticking out of a fence post and he sustained two minor lacerations to the back of his calf.

We entered into a no win no fee agreement with the client having considered photographs of both the location of the accident and of the client’s injuries. The case passed our risk assessment process and a claim for damages was made against the client’s employer.


Our client’s claim was initially submitted to the employer via the Low Value Personal Injury Portal which allowed the employer 6 weeks to investigate the claim and either admit or deny liability. The employer failed to conclude their enquiries within the 6 week period and therefore our client’s claim exited the Portal system.

Pursuant to Portal rules the employer then had an additional 6 weeks to complete their enquiries.


Initially liability was disputed. The employer alleged that our client had contributed to his own injury by a degree of 50%. This would mean they would compensate but would only pay half the value of the claim. This was strongly disputed by our client.


A medical report was secured from an expert which confirmed that our client had been left with two very trivial scars to his calf which would fade with time to be hardly noticeable.


We entered into negotiations with the employer and initially it appeared they were maintaining their arguments of contributory negligence of 50%. However after a threat of court proceedings these arguments were not pursued and our client’s damages were agreed in the sum of £2500.00 which represented 100% of the value of his claim rather than 50%.

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"Thanks for all your work dealing with my case- I have been really impressed with the professionalism and prompt way in which you have dealt with the proceedings

Thanks once again."

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