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£10,000 for Lady Slipping on a Wet Shop Floor

Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers recently acted for a client (on a no win no fee basis) who slipped on a wet floor in a shop. A claim for compensation was made against the shop and initially the shop’s insurers denied fault. They stated that wet floor signs were displayed and as such our client should have taken more care for her own safety.

After further negotiations we persuaded the insurers to admit primary liability. The insurers then offered to settle on a 50/50 basis (in other words they offered to pay our client 50% of the value of her claim).

We then advised the client to make an offer on an 80/20 basis in her favour which the insurers then agreed to accept.

Our client received £10,000.00 compensation for her knee injury claim as a result of slipping on a wet shop floor.

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"Thank you and your team for all your work and professionalism in dealing with my claim, very much appreciated particularly as the final payment was greater than I expected"

Miss B from Goole

0800 0197 772