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If you, or a family member or friend suffers a serious injury then life is more than likely to change fundamentally. Insurers refer to these types of claims as a “catastrophic injury” which can include spinal injuries, brain injuries, multiple injuries, amputations or severe burns. 

Our team of highly experienced and dedicated catastrophic injury claim solicitors have the experience and resources to ensure our clients receive the highest quality legal advice and the best possible compensation settlement. 

When a catastrophic injury occurs it can have devastating consequences for the injured party and their family. With such an injury it is vital that a Claimant finds a solicitor with extensive experience and knowledge of the complex process involved in this type of claim. Rehabilitation, aids, equipment and medical treatment are all essential in assisting a person with serious injury to get back as much independence as possible as quickly as possible. In some cases a home may need to be adapted. It is vitally important to assess the potential future needs that arise in a catastrophic injury compensation claim. 

Interim payments are often available to ease the financial pressures although these are only made when the Defendant insurers have accepted liability. 

At Yorkshire’s Injury Lawyers our experience extends across a wide range of catastrophic injuries. We have a highly regarded partner who works closely with the Brain Injury Group and the Spinal Injuries Association and has the knowledge and understanding required for dealing with catastrophic injury claims. We are prepared to go the extra mile. We are normally available 24 hours a day either by telephone or by text message. 

We have access to the best experts in the best disciplines to provide appropriate rehabilitation and/or medico-legal reports when required. We are always there to provide guidance and assistance whatever the circumstances and not just when the claim has settled but afterwards as well. We recognise that in a catastrophic injury claim the working relationship between the client and their family and the lead solicitor with conduct of the claim will be a complex and lengthy one and complex levels of mutual trust need to be established. 

We offer a free initial interview in order to review your specific circumstances and assess the viability of your catastrophic injury claim.

“I was delighted to receive compensation twice the amount that I was expecting. Thank you to Yorkshire’s Injury lawyers for their  great efforts in settling my claim”

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